Navy Band

Established in 1919, The Navy Band performs in the official events of the Finnish Navy and is located at the historical Heikkilä Garrison in Turku. In addition to performing in Turku, the navy musicians travel widely for concerts and performances in the regions of Southwest Finland, Satakunta and Ostrobothnia.

Senior Conductor

Lieutenant commander (Mus.) Juha Ketola


Lieutenant Sr. grade (Mus.) Tero Haikala



Concert will be held virtually.
  • Fri 19.03.2021
    6 pm
    Sigyn Hall, Turku

Laivaston puhallinkvintetti
Reijo Borman, kertoja

The Navy Band Wind Quintet and narrator Reijo Borman will offer a concert for children and friends of stories!

In this musical fairy tale composed by Stanley Friedman, based on a story by the Grimm brothers, animals run away to Bremen where they can live in freedom out of the reach of badly behaving masters.


Concert is cancelled.
  • Sat 20.03.2021
    6 pm

Navy Band
Tero Haikala, conductor
Tuulia Ylönen, clarinet

The opening concert of the Navy Band’s new Aurajoki series starts in celebratory spirits with Dimitri Shostakovich’s Festive Overture. Martin Ellerby’s Clarinet Concerto will be interpreted by the brilliant Tuulia Ylönen, first clarinet of the Orchestra of the Finnish National Opera.
Minna Leinonen’s Meeting Points will have its premier at the concert. Blues Shades composed by Frank Ticheli will play nuances of blues. Come Sunday by Omar Thomas, performed in Finland for the first time, will bring us to the joyous and virtuosic world of gospel.

The concert is about two hours long.


The concert will be held virtually
  • Wed 07.04.2021
    7 pm
    Sibelius Museum, Turku

Navy Band musicians
Saana Iljin, piano

With springtime evenings getting longer, and the audience will be offered a versatile spread of woodwind and brass instrument virtuosity with the Navy Band’s wind instrument players and pianist Saana Iljin indulging in soloist wizardry.

The concert is an hour long, no intermission.


  • Thu 06.05.2021
    7 pm
    Sigyn Hall, Turku

Navy Band
Juha Ketola and Tero Haikala, conductors
Perttu Nurkka, alto saxophone
Eeppi Ursin, vocals

At this entertainment music concert, Eeppi Ursin, also famous for having sung in the Club for Five, will shine on stage. This song writer creating a solo career of her own will interpret classics of entertainment music. The concert’s other soloist, saxophnist Perttu Nurkka will perform Saxpack, an entertaining and energetic work by the Austrian composer Otto M. Schwarz. They will also perform themes one more famous than the other from the MGM jubilee production. Spanish paso dobles will also be on offer.


  • Sat 22.05.2021
    6 pm
    Sigyn Hall, Turku

Navy Band
Tero Haikala, conductor
Iina Mutikainen, vocals

Melodies we all know from movies will be brought to life again by the band accompanying Iina Mutikainen, a fantastic vocalist also known as Aina. The band will play brilliant film music from the 1950s to this day. The concert holds in store top notch music from Blues Brothers, Bodyguard and Licence to Kill.