MILjazz 2024 is approaching to the beat of groovy music and festival spirits.  

The Defence Forces’ MILjazz Tour will be here this year, too, bringing the summer with it! This cheerful outdoors event organized at eight locations will set off in Turku on 31 May offering something for everyone from blues to pop and from rock to soul.

The concert section starts at 6 p.m. continuing to 9 p.m.  At each location, a regional military music band setup will be the first in line entertaining the audience. The second band up on the stage will be the Air Force Big Band which will entertain the MILjazz audience accompanying the versatile artist Sami Pitkämö as its soloist.  The evening will be crowned by the Showband of the Defence Forces Conscript Band whose energetic performance keeps charming the audience year after year.

At these events, in addition to enjoying music, you will be able to learn about conscript service and women’s voluntary military service.  The brigade-level units will organize equipment displays to showcase the Defence Forces’ modern equipment.

On 4 June, the MILjazz 2024 Tour will move on from Turku to Hanko.  The event will include some of the versatile Defence Forces Flag Day programme.

Free entry to all of these events. A warm welcome to everyone!

Tour dates and locations

  • Fri 31 May Turku
  • Tue 4 Jun Hanko
  • Thu 6 Jun Tampere
  • Sat 8 Jun Suomenlinna (Guards Band Festival)
  • Tue 11 Jun Lahti
  • Thu 13 Jun Lappeenranta
  • Sat 15 Jun Jyväskylä
  • Tue 18 Jun Rovaniemi

Summer 2024 events

Summer 2024 events

MILjazz 2024: Lappeenranta Etelä-Karjala Air Force Band The Conscript Band of the Finnish Defence Forces The Dragoon Band
13 June

MILjazz 2024: Lappeenranta

Ilmavoimien Big Band ja Sami Pitkämö, Rakuunasoittokunta ja Ilta, Varusmiessoittokunnan Show Band

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