The Finnish Army Band Dragoon Band

The Finnish Army Band Dragoon Band celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2021!

The Dragoon Band is a 34-member band of the Finnish Army cherishing the traditions of the dragoons, operating in connection with the Army Academy in Lappeenranta. Major (Mus.) Riku Huhtasalo is the commanding officer and Chief Conductor of the band. Major (Mus.) Tomi Väisänen is the conductor.

The Dragoon Band, founded in 1921, will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year. However, the traditions of dragoons date back to the 17th century, and the band still rides steadily to this day, respecting these traditions with its music and renewed m/17 cavalry uniform.

For their anniversary year of 2021, the Dragoon Band will offer a broad selection of concerts and musical experiences. The Aqua Quiz concert is organised together with the military music camp Tempo, May Day is celebrated together with the Lappeenranta City Orchestra, and mothers are traditionally remembered, without forgetting the parades and ceremonies of the Defence Forces and the Border Guard. Anniversary concerts will be performed during the autumn season.

In addition to concerts, the band regularly performs at events of the Defence Forces and the Border Guard, as well as in events organised by veterans’, reservists’ and national defence organisations, primarily in Eastern Finland: in the provinces of Kymenlaakso, South Karelia, South Savo and North Karelia.

The Dragoon Band actively organises concert activities in its own area of operations and co-operates with other actors in the music industry and with congregations. For example: 

The band has various collaborative projects with the Lappeenranta City Orchestra every year.

You can watch our music videos on our YouTube channel.

Welcome to celebrate our anniversary year with us!

Senior Conductor

Riku Huhtasalo, Major (mus.)

Senior Conductor
Riku Huhtasalo
Major (Mus.) Riku Huhtasalo
Major (Mus.) Tomi Väisänen

The Dragoon Band concerts

Church Concert Etelä-Karjala The Dragoon Band
15 April
rakuunasoittokunta kirkkokonsertti

Church Concert

The Dragoon Band

Lappeen Marian kirkko

Free admission, program 10 €