2 Chief Conductor's Greetings

Dear Friends of Military Music!

In military music, we have to come to face a situation we have never seen before: we have not been allowed to perform. Even the war years were different: military bands were allowed to perform. At the time, most of these events were military funerals or involved grief relief, so dancing, for example, was prohibited.

In the exceptional situation we live in, we have tried to alleviate the circumstances by releasing new and a bit older video production on our social media channels. I hope our releases have reached you and you have enjoyed them. As I am writing these greetings to you, it seems as though the lock-down is beginning to be eased little by little. As a matter of fact, I wish that we will be able to conduct our autumn season concerts according to plans as far as possible, or at least following the effective assembly restrictions.

I wish to thank you for the support and constructive feedback I have received during my term in office. I believe in the emotional power of live music, and that is why I wish you all emotional moments at military music concerts.

Jyrki Koskinen The Chief Conductor of the Finnish Defence Forces, Lieutenant Colonel (Mus.)