2 Chief Conductor's Greetings

Well done us!

Seeing as Finland is turning 100, it's time to belt out a fanfare for each Finn, i.e. for all of us! Together we form this nation with its own special language and culture. Many international studies attest to high levels of well-being and rank us highly in terms of competitiveness.

The task of military music is to keep our culture alive. On this anniversary we will be performing a very versatile range of military music. Our summer tour will be going to no less than sixteen towns and all of these events will be free. Compared to our earlier summer event, MILjazz, the Defence Forces' Suomi 100 Summer Tour 2017 will have even more performances that display what the Defence Forces do and have other show stoppers. With the nationwide campaign 'Get to know the military', the Defence Forces will be opening their doors to everyone. An album with newly arranged traditional march music Pro Patria will be released in the spring. The Air Force Big Band will be celebrating its 40th anniversary by putting together a tribute album to Finnish big band music. I really recommend going to see this renewed military band as they play in the Aalto Series concerts in Jyväskylä.

You can find more information on upcoming events from the military music calender. Every military band also has its own facebook page. Go and have a look and keep tabs on where the bands are performing next!

Looking forward to seeing you at our shows!

Jyrki Koskinen The Chief Conductor of the Finnish Defence Forces, Lieutenant Colonel (Mus.)