6 Lapland Military Band

Lapland Military Band

The Lapland Military Band, based in Rovaniemi, is the only boreal professional wind orchestra in Finland and in the European Union. The band consists of 30 musicians. Besides performing in the events organized by the Defence Forces, it has an important role in Lapland’s music culture.

Senior Conductor

Major (Mus.) Jaakko Nurila


Captain (Mus.) Tero Haikala


Down by the River

  • Wed 12.08.2020
    Kottinen summer theatre, Rovaniemi
  • Thu 20.08.2020
    Sodankylä (to be announced later)
The Lapland Military Band’s sing-along event à la “allsångs på Skansen”. Jaakko Nurila, Senior Conductor of the Lapland Military Band and Jari Marjala will make the audience sing 100 % pure Finnish hits.

Hottest tangos

Tickets - 15€
  • Wed 26.08.2020
    Madetojan sali, Oulu
  • Thu 27.08.2020
    Kulttuurikeskus Akustiikka, Ylivieska
  • Fri 28.08.2020
    Culture House Korundi, Rovaniemi
The Hottest Tangos intended to present the winners of the Seinäjoki Tangomarkkinat Festival song contest to the audiences of Northern Finland. Now, due to the changes, the Lapland Military Band will perform some of the hottest tangos from Argentina and Finland spicing the programme up with a few Spanish pasodobles. Tango Kings and Queens from previous years will perform as soloists, as will the Band’s own solo performers. Welcome!

Celebration of Swing

Tickets - 15 €
  • Thu 05.11.2020
    Lappia-talo, Rovaniemi
  • Fri 06.11.2020
    Madetojan Hall, Oulu
Lieutenant Colonel (Mus.) Jyrki Koskinen, conductor. Johanna Försti and Sami Pitkämö, soloists.

Slavic Masterpieces

Tickets - 15 €
  • Fri 20.11.2020
    Culture House Korundi, Rovaniemi
The Lapland Military Band will make a bold dive in the world of Slavic music. Pentti Ojala, one of the Band’s trumpetists will perform as the evening’s soloist. Ojala will interpret Alexander Arutunian’s magnificent trumpet concerto. The audience will also hear one of the most famous fairy tales in classical music.
Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf will experience a musical makeover when performed by the brass band. The story will be narrated by actor Hannu Friman. A series by Kabalevsky full of humour will also be performed made over, arranged for wind orchestra. The concert will be crowned with Dmitri Shostakovich’s tremendous Festive Overture.

Regional Church Celebration

  • Thu 26.11.2020
    Rovaniemi church
The Church Celebration is an evening devoted to music, speech and prayer. Church celebrations have been held since 1991. This tradition, which started out as military provinces church celebrations, has turned into a mutual celebration, devoted to the word of God and music.

Independence Day Eve Concert

Tickets - 15 €
  • Fri 04.12.2020
    Culture House Korundi, Rovaniemi
The Lapland Military Band celebrates Independent Finland by performing patriotic music on the Eve of Independence Day. Welcome to embrace the feeling of Independence Day!

Christmas Concert

Free entrance - programme fee 10 €
  • Thu 17.12.2020
    Rovaniemi Church
Major (Mus.) Jarkko Aaltonen, conductor. Janne Sundqvist, soloist. This year, the Lapland Military Band’s traditional Christmas Concert that has become highly popular indeed will be held in Rovaniemi Church on 17 Dec. 2020 at 19.00. The audience, too, will have a chance to sing traditional Christmas carols accompanied by the Band. Come and enjoy the Christmas spirit together with the Lapland Military Band!