6 Lapland Military Band

Lapland Military Band

The Lapland Military Band, based in Rovaniemi, is the only boreal professional wind orchestra in Finland and in the European Union. The band consists of 31 musicians. Besides performing in the events organized by the Defence Forces, it has an important role in Lapland’s music culture.

Senior Conductor

Major (Mus.) Jaakko Nurila


Captain (Mus.) Tero Haikala


Chamber Music Concert

  • Thu 15.04.2021
    Maria's Chapel, Levi
  • Fri 16.04.2021
    The Chapel of the Northern Lights, Pyhä
The Lapland Military Band’s small ensembles will perform in the church
Chamber music has always been part of the Band’s repertoire. Last year especially, small ensembles performed on several occasions, and permanent setups were formed. These activities are hoped to be continued, so the Band’s small ensembles will perform at two concerts in two locations.

Celebration of Opera

  • Wed 12.05.2021
    Nivala Church
  • Thu 13.05.2021
    Kuhmo Church
The Lapland Military Band lets the friends of classical music indulge themselves in splendid opera melodies. No other than Soprano Emilia Vesalainen-Pellas and tenor Mika Nisula, vocalists with fantastic voices, have been chosen as the concert’s soloists.
A visitor wished for, the Lapland Military Band, will give a concert in the church of Kuhmo filling it with pearls of opera music. The Celebration of Opera which has become highly popular indeed makes an appearance in Kuhmo with two splendid soloists, soprano Emilia Vesalainen-Pellas and tenor Mika Nisula. They have in store some of the world’s most famous opera arias and duets. This is a concert you have to experience.

Down by the River

  • Thu 10.06.2021
    Hango Casino
Singing with music playing down by the seaside This annual sing-along event is one of the band’s events the most looked forward to.
With the band playing, no problem singing in good company. Every summer, this Lapland Military Band’s traditional sing-along event attracts the folks to come to the seaside to sing along with others and enjoy Soldier Home coffee and donuts. This year, Down by the River will be organized both in Rovaniemi and Hanko, 756 km down south.