6 Lapland Military Band

Lapland Military Band

The Lapland Military Band, based in Rovaniemi, is the only boreal professional wind orchestra in Finland and in the European Union. The band consists of 30 musicians. Besides performing in the events organized by the Defence Forces, it has an important role in Lapland’s music culture.

Senior Conductor

Major (Mus.) Juha Ketola


Major (Mus.) Jaakko Nurila



Free entry / Programme €10
  • Thu 15.06.2017
    Rovaniemi Church
We're giving our senses a spring clean and have put together an out-of-the-ordinary programme - consisting of wedding music only! Now's the chance to hear the most beloved wedding marches performed by a big orchestra. Church pews fill up quick for this one - be quick!

Rotuaari pace mars

free entry
  • Wed 21.06.2017
Long time military band concert Rotuaari!