6 Lapland Military Band

Lapland Military Band

The Lapland Military Band, based in Rovaniemi, is the only boreal professional wind orchestra in Finland and in the European Union. The band consists of 30 musicians. Besides performing in the events organized by the Defence Forces, it has an important role in Lapland’s music culture.

Senior Conductor

Major (Mus.) Jaakko Nurila


See you at the safety and security fair

free entry!
  • Fri 25.08.2017
    Market square / Ahtisaari square
Along the shore at the Oulu market square you can familiarise yourself with the activities of the authorities responsible for safety and security. Equipment of the police and fire fighting services will be on display. This event is suitable for families. A military band will also be performing at the event.

Anniversary of the Kainuu jaeger battalion

free entry!
  • Thu 31.08.2017
Kuhmo is visited by the Jaeger Battalion. The programme will include a parade and equipment display, and military band concert in the Kuhmotalo building. All are welcome to the concert.

It depends on the baton

Free entry / Programme €10
  • Thu 05.10.2017
    Rovaniemi Church
What is the conductor doing, is a question that is often heard. Why is he holding a stick? These are questions that the conductor students at the Sibelius Academy have already become very familiar with. You may also find insight and answers to these questions in this concert where conductor students conduct the Lapland Military Band. Especially pieces belonging to the musical tradition of the military bands have been rehearsed for this concert.

Journey of brass

Free entry / Programme €10
  • Fri 13.10.2017
  • Sat 14.10.2017
  • Sun 15.10.2017
Brass instruments light up the autumn darkness of Keski-Pohjanmaa. The brass septet is a traditional and very Finnish ensemble that was very popular during the first decades of the last century. And no wonder, as this is a practical and functional ensemble for all kinds of music, from light music to hymns.

Church festival

Vapaa pääsy!
  • Fri 10.11.2017
    Oulu Cathedral
    Lapland Military Band and Reservist Choir
The Defence Forces' regional church festival will be celebrated with music. The Lapland Military Band and wonderful Reservist Choir are responsible for the music. Professional musicians and active amateur choristers sing in this men's choir. Together, the performers and beautiful Cathedral guarantee a touching and memorable moment with the Word. Church work of the Finnish Defence Forces

Soiva Siili and military band

Tickets 5€
  • Tue 14.11.2017
    Korundi, Rovaniemi
The popular children's concert is brought to Korundi. A funny, good humoured concert for children, where you can sing along and participate. In this concert the audience is also baptised with music - Soiva Siili is accompanied by a military band - what will we not come up with together?

Korundi jazz -Finlandi, Sisu ja Sarpila

40€ festival / 70€ festival pass
  • Sat 18.11.2017
    Korundi, Rovaniemi
Korundijazz is a new jazz event in Rovaniemi. The jazz weekend, now arranged for the second time, brings a versatile programme for you enjoyment. The Lapland Military Band has the pleasure to perform together with the master of swing, Antti Sarpila.

Independence day eve concert

Tickets 15€
  • Tue 05.12.2017
    Korundi, Rovaniemi
  • Wed 06.12.2017
    Oulu, Madetojan sali
Concerts on the eve of Independence Day and other related traditions are an important part of this Finnish celebration. If anything, Jean Sibelius' Finlandia belongs to our Independence Day. The work will be heard as the final number of the concert. The day will begin with a celebration for reservists promoted in military rank and will continue with a concert that is open for all.

Candelit concert

free entrance/ programme 15€
  • Tue 12.12.2017
    Sodankylä Church
  • Wed 13.12.2017
    Ivalo Church
  • Thu 14.12.2017
    Rovaniemi Church
A military band's Christmas concert is always conducted with heart and warmth. Churches are full and the audience is numerous - this gives us the best Christmas feeling. There is enough Christmas cheer to go around in the Candlelit concert. Guest soloist is the exceptional pan flutist Stefan Stancui!

Soldier's home Cristmas

free entry!
  • Sat 16.12.2017
    Soldier's home, Someroharju
The Rovaniemi Soldier's Home Association will arrange a Christmas celebration in the garrison that you are welcome to join. The coffee is fresh and pastries delicious. You may also be able to find excellent Christmas gifts at the bazaar. Christmas music and community singing with the Lapland Military Band.