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The Dragoon Band is an Army military band consisting of 34 musicians placed in the Army Academy in Lappeenranta. Major (Mus.) Riku Huhtasalo serves as the Band’s senior conductor and Captain (Mus.) Aino Koskela as the deputy conductor.

The band performs music primarily in Eastern Finland, in the regions of Kymeenlaakso, Southern Karelia, Southern Savo, and Northern Karelia and the units of the Defence Forces and Border Guard operating there. In addition, the Band performs music at veterans’, reservists’ and national defence organisations’ events .

The Band organises concerts playing music in this area assigned to it cooperating with other actors in the field of music and congregations. For example, the Band cooperates with the Lappeenranta City Orchestra in the framework of various projects every year.

The Dragoon Band founded in 1921 still “rides” strong today cherishing the honourable heritage of the Cavalry tracing back to the 17th century. The Dragoon Band's concerts in 2020 hold in store a wide variety of musical genres and experiences. With the Band in the lead, the audience will take a journey from big emotions to strong patriotic feelings.

I wish you all welcome to the Dragoon Band's concerts to enjoy unforgettable moments in the world of music.

Senior Conductor
Major (Mus.) Riku Huhtasalo

Senior Conductor

Major (Mus.) Riku Huhtasalo


Captain vs. Marko Saikko



Free entrance, program 10 €. Limited seating for 200 people.
  • Fri 04.12.2020
    7 pm
    Lappee Maria Church Kirkkokatu 11, 53100 Lappeenranta
    Dragoon Band and Karjalan Laulu-Veikot Major (Mus.) Riku Huhtasalo and Nadja Härkönen, conductors Baritone Gabriel Suovanen, soloist
The Evening Devoted to Fatherland, already a tradition, will bring the audience to Independence Day spirits. The programme includes, for example, Veteraanin iltahuuto (Veteran’s Last Call), Finlandia and many other patriotic pieces. Baritone Gabriel Suovanen’s skilful performances will raise the spirits even higher.


Free entrance
  • Sun 13.12.2020
    6 pm
    Lappee Maria Church Kirkkokatu 11, 53100 Lappeenranta
    Organised by Lappee Congregation
The Dragoon Band will participate in the traditional Most Beautiful Christmas Carols sing-along event organised by the Lappee Congregation. At this event, the Dragoon Band and the congregation’s cantor will have the audience sing Chiristmas carols known and loved by all.