11 Tattoo Show 2015

Tattoo Show conquers
Hartwall Arena!

Tattoo Show 2015 is a magnificent display of military music held at Hartwall Arena, Helsinki. Tattoo Show 2015 will combine all of the Finnish military bands and the Conscript Band of the Finnish Defence Forces with some outstanding solo artists. Breath-taking figure march shows, emotional ballads and high-speed rhythms are guaranteed to take the audience into the realm of military music in a phenomenal way.

Stars of the show will be well-known Idols contestant and world-class singer Diandra and heavy metal soloist Jarkko Ahola, as well as Anton Häggblom, a star of musicals, and Anna Näkkäläjärvi-Länsman, a unique singer from Lapland. In addition to the military bands, the show will feature Takomo Percussion, a group of five talented percussionists, and dance group Club Piruett Elite Team from Tallin.

Tattoo Show 2015 is part of the year of celebrations of the reform of the Finnish Defence Forces. The patron of the event is the Commander of the Finnish Defence Forces, General Jarmo Lindberg.

Come along and experience Tattoo Show 2015!

Tickets starting from 2,50 € (only the service fee of Lippupiste)



Diandra, one of the most illustrious female artists, has won over Finns with her strong voice, bubbling happiness and sensitive lyricism. Diandra is a versatile performer whose repertoire consists of dance, pop and ballades.

Diandra became known in 2012 through the singing competition Idols and has since won several gold discs. At Tattoo Show, Diandra will perform unforgettable songs together with the military bands and with the percussion ensemble Takomo Percussion.

Jarkko Ahola

Versatile virtuoso tenor and heavy-metal vocalist Jarkko Ahola will sing with the Air Force Big Band. Jarkko's vocal range is amazing and will turn to any genres from opera to heavy metal. Jarkko Ahola will be singing high and loud!

Takomo Percussion

Takomo Percussion is an innovative percussion group of five drummers who are not afraid to try out new ideas. With a classical education background, musicians Timo Hakala, Oskari Auramo, Juuso Laakso, Mikko Renfors and Juho Fabrin form an action-packed group. Their energetic shows feature both new and traditional percussion instruments and they combine these with electronic music and a visual show. The audience is sure to experience a show with plenty of twists and turns.

Anna Näkkäläjärvi-Länsman

Wonderful, deep-voiced Anna Näkkäläjärvi-Länsman is deeply rooted in Sami culture. Anna is a classically trained clarinetist who chants about homesickness and heartache will leave no-one cold. Anna will perform her self-composed modern Sami music together with Lapland Military Band.

Anton Häggblom

The charismatic musical artist and actor Anton Häggblom throws an action-packed show together with the Navy Band. The warm sound and impressive appearance will provide viewers with a memorable show.

Club Piruett Elite Team

This dance group from Estonia is celebrating its 25th anniversary, touring around the world at TATTOO events. The group will be seen on stage together with the Navy Band and the Conscript Band of the Finnish Defence Forces.