9 Guards Parades and MIL-Espa concerts

Guards Parades and MIL-Espa Concerts

The main event on summer Fridays is the Guards Parade, a ceremonial performance that dates back to the 18th century. Parade starts from the Senate Square and continues towards the Changing of the Guard at the Presidential Palace.

After the parade the Finnish Defence Force military bands perform a free public concert at Espa Stage.

  • 2020
  • Fr. 12. June The Guards Band
  • Fr. 14. August The Air Force Big Band (only MIL-Espa)
  • Fr. 21. August Conscripts of The Guards Band (only MIL-Espa


MIL-Espa Concert myhelsinki.fi: The Guards Band

Free admission!
  • Fri 12.06.2020

The concert will be streamed through myhelsinki.fi.

MIL-Espa Concert: The Air Force Big Band (only MIL-Espa)

Free admission!
  • Fri 14.08.2020
    2 pm

Concert at 2-3 pm.

MIL-Espa: Conscripts of the Guards Band

Free admission!
  • Fri 21.08.2020
    Helsinki Espa stage

Entertaining concert with the Guards Band's Conscripts!

Guards Parade and MIL-Espa Concert: The Dragoon Band

Free entry!
  • Fri 21.08.2020
    12:30 pm
Parade starting from the Senate Square, Changing of the Guard - Presidential Palace, Concert at Espa Stage. Guards Parade at 12.30 - 2 pm, concert at 2-3 pm