4 The Guards Band

The Guards Band

The oldest professional wind band in Finland, The Guards Band, was established in 1819. Nowadays the official representative band of the Finnish Defence Forces consists of 42 full-time musicians. One of the duties for the Helsinki-based band is performing at The Independence Day’s reception at the Presidential Palace. On top of the official performances, the Guards Band also gives concerts in Finland and abroad.

Senior Conductor

Major (Mus.) Pasi-Heikki Mikkola


Major (Mus.) Tomi Väisänen


The Miraculous Mandarin

Free admission!
  • Wed 05.02.2020
    Helsinki Conservatory of Music, concert hall
    Ruoholahdentori 6

The Guards Band has settled in Helsinki Conservatory of Music, Ruoholahti. The Miraculous Mandarin is the band’s first concert in their new home concert hall – and Antti Hartikainen’s examination concert in wind band conducting.

Igor Stravinsky: Symphonies of Wind Instruments (1947)
Frigyes Hidas: Fantasy for Cello and Wind Band
Jean Sibelius: Cassazione, Op. 6 (orchestrated by Robert J. Ambrose)
Béla Bartók: A series from the ballet The Miraculous Mandarin, Op.19 (orchestrated by Kazuhiro Morita)

Antti Hartikainen, conductor
Samuli Peltonen, cello

Free admission!


Espoo: 32 €, Turku 25 / 15 €
  • Tue 25.02.2020
    Espoo Cultural Centre
    Charity Concert for Veterans
  • Wed 26.02.2020
    Turku City Thetre
    Army's Anniversary Concert

The Guards Band takes the stage and performs well-known pieces from musical theatre with soloists Jennie Storbacka and Lauri Mikkola.

Pasi-Heikki Mikkola, conducting
Jennie Storbacka and Lauri Mikkola, vocals

Töölö I

Free admission!
  • Wed 04.03.2020
    Temppeliaukio Church

Sami Ruusuvuori, the head conductor of Helsinki Police Symphonic Band, has chosen new Finnish wind music that is heard in the first installment of the 2020 Töölö series. Two pieces will be heard for the very first time! Versatile Eeva Oksala plays solo violin.

Juha Pisto: Gravity
Timo Alakotila: Violin concerto "Between Three Worlds"
Marzi Nyman: Morpheus
Timo Forsström: a new piece

Sami Ruusuvuori, conductor
Eeva Oksala, violin

Free admission!

Spring Concert

33,50 € / 17,50 €

In The Guards Band’s Spring Concert you get to join legendary Finnish songmakers Kalervo Halonen, Veikko Salmi och Kristian Jernström on a night full of stories from the old days and entertaining amongst touching tunes.

Johanna Försti ja Mikael Konttinen, vocals
Pasi-Heikki Mikkola ja Tomi Väisänen, conducting

Töölö II

Free admission!
  • Wed 20.05.2020
    Temppeliaukio Church, Helsinki

Anna-Maria Helsing, conducting
Miika Jämsä, tuba

Arvo Pärt: Fratres of Wind Octet and Percussions
Jukka Linkola: Tuba Concerto
Hilding Rosenberg: Symphony of Wind Instruments and Percussions