4 The Guards Band

The Guards Band

The oldest professional wind band in Finland, The Guards Band, was established in 1819. Nowadays the official representative band of the Finnish Defence Forces consists of 48 full-time musicians. One of the duties for the Helsinki-based band is performing at The Independence Day’s reception at the Presidential Palace. On top of the official performances, the Guards Band also gives concerts in Finland and abroad.

Senior Conductor

Major (Mus.) Pasi-Heikki Mikkola


Major (Mus.) Tomi Väisänen


Christmas concert

26/16 €
The charismatic soprano Angelika Klas stars in the traditional Christmas concert with the Guards Band. The program includes festive Christmas music and familiar Christmas carols. Warmly welcome to listen to and tune in to the mood of Christmas!

Angelika Klas, soprano
Pasi-Heikki Mikkola ja Tomi Väisänen, conductors