7 The Conscript Band of the Finnish Defence Forces

The Conscript Band of the Finnish Defence Forces

The Conscript Band of the Finnish Defence Forces is a vibrant and edged team, including nearly hundred young and talented men and women completing their military service. The Conscript Band is based in Hattula, Parola. They operate between March and September.

The Conscript Band’s concerts include heartfelt moments, classical masterpieces, figure marching, grooving shows and jazz: versatile music suiting the occasion.

Senior Conductor

Captain (Mus.) Ville Paakkunainen


First Lieutenant (Mus.) Juhani Valtasalmi


Candle Tour

Free entry / Programme 10€
  • Mon 30.03.2020
    klo 18
    Forssa Church
  • Tue 31.03.2020
    klo 18
    Heinola Church
  • Wed 01.04.2020
    klo 18
    Hämeenlinna Church
  • Thu 02.04.2020
    klo 18
    Lempäälä Church
  • Fri 03.04.2020
    klo 18
    Riihimäki Central Church
Conducted by Tommi Suutarinen

In addition to traditional classical pieces, these dreamy candle-lit concerts will also include light-music arrangements for string orchestra. The talented musicians of the Conscript Band’s Chamber Orchestra will perform in the candle-lit concerts.
Welcome to enjoy yourself in the concert of the one and only Finnish military band chamber orchestra!

Finlandia Tour

Free entry / Programme 10 €
  • Tue 31.03.2020
    at 19:00
    Hyvinkää Church
  • Wed 01.04.2020
    at 19:00
    Kotka Church
  • Thu 02.04.2020
    at 19:00
    Central Pori Church
  • Fri 03.04.2020
    at 19:00
    Lahti Church, Ristinkirkko
  • Sat 04.04.2020
    at 17:00
    Aleksanteri's Church, Tampere
Ville Paakkunainen and Juhani Valtasalmi, conductor

The Finnish Defence Forces Conscript Band’s popular Finlandia Tour will start again.
In these concerts, our symphonic wind orchestra will perform patriotic music.
Baritone Kristian Lindroos will perform as the Finlandia Tour’s soloist. He did his military service in the Conscript Band at the time of the Lahti Garrison.

Good and Beautiful

€ 17,50/11,50 + service fee from lippu.fi / ticketmaster
Tickets will be sold starting from 18 December. There will be an intermission. Tickets € 17.50/11.50 + service fee from lippu.fi / ticketmaster and at the door about an hour before the concert.

The Conscript Band’s Good and Beautiful Tour is a musical journey across times to the core of Finnish pop and rock music. The concert is a wide cross section of Finnish pop culture list hits from 1966 to present day. The Conscript Band’s Entertainment Orchestra will perform in the concert.

Joy of Spring

€ 22.50/17.50 service fee from lippu.fi / ticketmaster
  • Thu 21.05.2020
    at 19.00
    Hyvinkääsali, Hyvinkää
  • Fri 22.05.2020
    at 19.00
    Felix Krohn Hall, Lahti
  • Sat 23.05.2020
    at 17.00
    Kuusaasali, Kymenlaakso
  • Sun 24.05.2020
    at 17.00
    Martti Talvela -sali, Mikkeli
  • Mon 25.05.2020
    at 19.00
    Verkatehdas, Hämeenlinna
Ville Paakkunainen and Juhani Valtasalmi, conductor. Tickets €22.50/17.50 + service fee from lippu.fi / ticketmaster and at the door an hour before the concert

Soprano Reeta Vestman will perform as the soloist of the Conscript Band’s spring concert tour. She is famous for her splendid acting performances and her 3,5 octave range. Reeta Vestman, who has performed in the Presidential Palace and on theatre stages, will take on the diversified and entertaining programme together with the Conscript Band.
The Conscript Band’s symphonic Wind Orchestra will join its music playing forces with the Entertainment Orchestra.

Military Familiarisation in the Armoured Brigade

Free entry!
  • Thu 28.05.2020
    Armoured Brigade

Welcome to spend a special day at the Armoured Brigade! The Brigade has in store a versatile programme demonstrating the Army’s capability and, of course, an incredible show performed by the Conscript Band to celebrate the Band’s 30th anniversary year
We will give the audience an opportunity to take a peek at the Conscript Band’s daily life. We will arrange guided tours to the training facilities, so that everybody gets to see how one of the Defence Forces special units trains. The weather permitting, we will also demonstrate figure marching and the performance of a rifle drill team in the unit’s yard. An opportunity like this only opens up once a year!
Everybody -of any age - is welcome to visit this special day- there will be a versatile range of activities. More specific information regarding the timetables will be available in early spring.
The event will start at 10.00 a.m. For more information about the event and programme, visit: https://maavoimat.fi/tapahtumat
and facebook.com/PanssariPR


Vapaa pääsy!
  • Wed 03.06.2020
  • Fri 05.06.2020
  • Sat 06.06.2020
  • Wed 10.06.2020
  • Thu 11.06.2020
  • Fri 12.06.2020
  • Sat 13.06.2020
  • Thu 25.06.2020
  • Fri 26.06.2020
  • Sat 27.06.2020

The Finnish Defence Forces Summer Tour will visit ten locations in June 2020, of course, accompanied by the Conscript Band’s Show Band! Each evening, the fullest swing performance will start at 20.00.
The performances of other bands and their great soloists will start at18.00.
In connection with these events, the public will have the opportunity to become familiar with present day military service for men and voluntary military service for women. It will also be possible to visit equipment exhibitions and see military displays arranged by the local brigade-level units.
For more information on the performers and programme, visit puolustusvoimat.fi.

Hamina Tattoo 2020

Hamina Tattoo 2.8.-8.8.

The 30 year old Conscript Band will participate in the events of Hamina Tattoo performing better that ever before. A top notch figure march will be performed in the March Show by highly skilled conscript players and mustered out former Conscript Band players. The Conscript Band will have a strong show in the Hamina Tattooo opening concert as well.
In addition, the Conscript Band’s different set ups will play music in other concerts during the Tattoo week, including splendid events free of charge in the vicinity of the Hamina Bastion. The Conscript Band will also participate in the Mini Tattoo on the Senate Square on 3 August.
See you at the Tattoo! For further information www.hamina.fi/tattoo/ohjelma


17,50/22,50 €
  • Tue 18.08.2020
    at 19.00
    Verkatehdas, Hämeenlinna
  • Wed 19.08.2020
    at 19:00
    Verkatehdas, Hämeenlinna
  • Fri 21.08.2020
    at 19.00
    Kuopio Music Centre, Kuopio
  • Sat 22.08.2020
    at 19.00
    Paviljonki, Jyväskylä
  • Wed 26.08.2020
    at 19.00
    Logomo, Turku
  • Thu 27.08.2020
    at 19.00
    Finlandia Hall, Helsinki
  • Fri 28.08.2020
    at 19.00
    Tampere Hall, Tampere
Juhani Valtasalmi and Tommi Suutarinen, conductor

During the Conscript Band’s 30th Anniversary Tour, a mega set up will perform the best hits down the years. In the autumn, the Tour drawing crowds into Finland’s most splendid concert halls will be the last show of the skills of the 2020 contingent and a diamond polished together.
The band will have 70 musicians, forming a mega pop orchestra with a symphonic wind ensemble, a sizeable strings section and a rock and percussion band. This is a musical delight you can not experience anywhere else! This concert enjoyment will be so much more that just skilfully played music. The Conscript Band’s own singers will perform as soloists full of stage charisma, young energy and skills.
Make sure you get a seat in this unforgettable concert.